Evolution - my reflection...

It has been a dream of mine to facilitate creative dance workshops, and my journey to combine sound, expression and movement has been diverse and fluid.


I studied Classical Music Performance at the University of Queensland, and not far into my degree, found the Alexander Technique; a process of learning how to constructively cooperate with our natural design. More than that - a lifelong process of discovering what it means to be a human, learning how to access the potential we hold, and how to bring it out in others.

While I was in New York, I discovered 5Rhythms and was instantly hooked. It opened up a whole new world for me and took me to places within myself that I never knew existed. I have had so many epiphanies on the dance floor that have shaped the way I live and experience the world. I also noticed a dramatic change in my cello playing and performance. I was immediately more connected to the music and audience.

Soon after that, I discovered Contact Improvisation, Open Floor, Dalcroze Eurhythmics, eMErgence and Interplay. More and more, I drew on my experiences from the dance floor in my teaching, performance and life.

The pivotal moment came during a Non-Violent Communication (NVC)/Contact Improvisation retreat with Sarah Beckmann and Robert Krzisnik. The deep shift I experienced in my being from combining the verbal communication system of NVC with the physical communication system of contact improvisation was profound. I saw and changed patterns of behaviour I was previously oblivious to, that showed themselves in every single layer of my way of life.

I was approached by a fellow retreat participant who offered to help organize some workshops if I facilitate them. I jumped at the opportunity. And so my journey into movement facilitation began that day.


Moving Connections has evolved since then. It is a process of creating improvised works of moving art that bring us into deeper connection with ourselves, each other, and our life story. Bringing life inquiries into a shared creative space is magic-making, healing, inspiring, and sends ripples out into the community. ​

The dance floor is a laboratory where alchemical processes can occur if we allow our worldly experiences to (literally) move us. It is never the same floor twice.

Moving Connections continues to evolve as part of a larger process of community-building through art, vulnerability and authenticity. It serves a great need in the world for connection, play and healing. Plus it's a lot of fun!

I hold space for people to explore their edges. Each body in the room is an equally vital piece of the whole, and whole in themselves. Connected, we drop in, let go and co-create a living, breathing artwork.

Georgia Shine


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