is a space where you can

move and express authentically.

We explore different forms of improvisation that gently and sequentially enliven our connectedness to ourselves and each other as a whole - moving, breathing and being. 

When we enter a space that is safe and welcoming, it is easy to feel a sense of belonging. By providing the conditions of safety and a gentle framework, these workshops serve a deep need for connection in the community. Through the encouragement of our own unique expression, we remember that we are living artists of our own life, constantly creating our reality. The medium is our moment-to-moment choices, and our heightened awareness leads the way to new possibilities.

As a wise teacher once said, "good health is a creative act!".


When we take the time to enliven and encourage our full participation in what we are doing, new states of being that are more inclusive and kind to ourselves and each other can emerge. Works of art can emerge.


In fact, by following and trusting the process, a room of moving (and potentially intimidating or scary) bodies can be turned into an artwork of the most intricate and exquisite beauty, sending us into a reverie of gratitude for existence!

Moving Connections is fun. By coming into the spirit of play, we can access all kinds of wisdom stored in our bodies. By playing at the edges of our comfort zone, we can learn, grow and discover what we don't yet know. 

The space and the live music is guided by Georgia Shine, a cellist, artist and Alexander Technique Trainee. Workshops are currently being held at the SOHO Living Arts Community Hall in Hobart, weekly and monthly, and can be organised upon request for other events or organisations. Classes are also held in Cygnet. Click here to register, and here to stay up to date by joining the mailing list.

Each session has different musical guests, and incorporates a number of different entry-points into the Zone. Come with a spirit of curiosity and willingness to be surprised! Each session is tailored to the ingredients of the people in the room.

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