Creative Pathways


Want to access more creativity in your life?



Living is a creative process.

When was the last time you LAUGHED, sang, wrote, danced, or told a story purely for the fun of it?

When was the last time you played with a problem, rather than rushing to 'figure it out'?

How comfortable are you with not knowing what will happen next? 

Art for integration.

If you want to enliven your creative self and bring more colour, wonder and fascination into your life, these sessions will help you discover the pathway to do just that.


With your courage and willingness, the deep play we do in these sessions will ripple back into your work, relationships and life choices. 

I have been learning and integrating the process that F.M. Alexander discovered for living with freedom of choice, creativity and readiness for several years now.


I combine my Alexander Technique (AT) training and experience with what I have metabolised and embodied from other creative bodies of work including 5 Rhythms, Open Floor, Contact Improvisation, Dalcroze Eurhythmics, Nonviolent Communication (NVC), Interplay, Musical Performance and teaching, Sound Healing, visual arts and facilitating my own workshops at Moving Connections. This allows me to bring an abundance of tools to work with in a one on one format. 

Whether you are an experienced performing artist, someone who "can't even draw stick figures", or just stuck in a rut, these Creative Pathway Sessions will guide you into your own creative centre.


From there, you can unlock your freedom of choice, access your innate readiness and adaptability to change and discover what is truly alive in you. 

What to expect:

The sessions are online using Zoom or in-person from my home studio in Glaziers Bay, Tasmania. I can travel to you if you are in Hobart or surrounding places for an extra fee, provided you have enough space and privacy for the session. 

You will need a private space, paper and pen, and willingness to go beyond your comfort zone.


Although these sessions are play-based and not therapy, the therapeutic benefits and insights they uncover may give way to the need for professional support from a trusted and quality therapist. I encourage individuals to seek somatic and trauma-informed therapy where possible if this is the case. 

We will be unlocking what is known in music and sport as the 'flow state'. The process to get there is extremely rewarding and not always easy or comfortable. We will be riding the leading edge of your comfort zone into new experiences.

The sessions are guided by questions and curiosities that you bring about your life to explore through play. From there I will guide you through a series of warm-ups, forms and processes to follow the threads to the core of what is alive in you.


In a process of improvised art-making, I will guide you into cooperation with your natural design, so that you may discover what wisdom awaits you when you use the instrument of your whole Self.


Each session is unique depending on the person, situation and need.

Within a session, we may use vocal work, movement, speaking, visualising and responding to the sounds of live cello and voice, writing and drawing, to name a few. If that sounds too intimidating, we can start with a chat or even play with sitting in a chair with full aliveness and presence.


Everything shared and experienced within the session is entirely confidential and seen as your current, perfect evolution in the greater story of You. All of these elements are simply tools that are available to us and you choose your level of participation.

All are welcome, no previous artistic experience necessary.

These sessions are for you if you:

- want to live your life authentically, creatively and constructively

- feel limited in your expression or 'creatively blocked'

- would like a creative, expressive way of approaching a life problem

- want to enliven and integrate your artist-self to be more centre-stage in life


- tell yourself (and others) that you can't draw, sing, dance, write, play, etc... but would secretly like to do just that, and even more secretly know that you can!

- are needing inspiration and fuel for your creative fire

- would like a supportive mentor to help you in your art/life integration.

Duration: 1 hour (longer sessions available)

Cost: $100/hr (contact me for concession rate)

After a long period of social isolation and anxiety, my body had become quite stiff and uncertain. I knew I needed to move more but wasn't feeling comfortable or motivated to. A friend mentioned Georgia's Moving Connections classes, and not feeling quite ready for social interaction, I decided to book some personal sessions.


Georgia's gentle and non judgemental manner made me feel safe, and her wisdom shone through from our first encounter. Time slowed in her presence and her warm guidance encouraged me to open up and feel my way back into my body. She helped me to sense my inner callings and to regain trust in my own space and body again.


I've found my flow again, thank you Georgia for opening the pathway,

big love.


- Ness C


“My session with Georgia was very interesting! Just closing your eyes and listening to her sing and play the cello is amazing enough already! But apart from that, from the deep conversations, to journaling, music and moving, we covered everything! She helped me narrow down two key points that I could focus on whenever I was feeling creatively cramped! It took me a while to be able to understand the magnitude of those points but it was soooooo liberating once I understood it and could practice it!"

- Dipon Sankar

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Image by Cee Choi


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Image by Tiaan Boni

"It's difficult to describe what Georgia does as there's no-one else who really does anything like it. EXPANSION. Through movement, voice, dance, art. I've found Georgia has an incredible ability to draw creativity and expression out of me and see beauty in the world in ways I never realised were possible. In truth, she isn't really of this world. Whenever I've done a session with her I've left feeling eminently grateful and a more joyful, connected, knowledgeable version of myself."

- Luke Stephan


This and first image by Bea Maz