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6 week online immersion.

Join a group of like-minded movers on Zoom as we release and unlock our innate creative essence through play, movement, art and sharing. Drop-in classes and monthly immersions are available for you to get a tase or take a deeper dive. 

These sessions are designed to assist you in bringing more vibrancy, creativity and wonder to your daily life. Meet us in your living room, kitchen, study or bedroom and discover the possibilities of connection in the weaving of rooms from all over the world. 

We will dance, vocalise, tell stories, write, draw, listen, be still, be wild, be connected to ourselves, each other and the world that supports us. These classes are a perfect way to liven up your interior and exterior space, to see and be seen, and develop community from your own home. Everything is welcome. Come and discover what is alive in you!

Here's what people say about Moving Connections Online...

"Incredible! There aren’t words to express the depth or value of what I walk away with each time I experience a Moving Connections session. The experience is as unique as the classes.

Magically, Georgia intuitively weaves movement and exploration, with imaginative play, writing, and the dulcet tones of her cello, improvised to be both witness and mirror, of the Me that I am today.


The sessions on zoom are both intimate, and connective; strangers coming together in a dance of the soul, we communicate beyond words, and connect beyond the flesh. Incredible to get so much out of ‘just‘ a zoom session. It has revolutionised how I view my time in front of a screen, or in a zoom meeting.


Thank you, Georgia, for bringing me this new perspective and insight to myself, my space, and my connection with others." - Pauline P.


"Just finished an on-line 'Moving Connections' 2-hr group session with Georgia Shine. Those who know her and have danced with her in these sessions, I need say no more, but for those who haven't, I share my experience.

If you just happen to be feeling over-whelmed, your nervous system a bit hyper, electric, reactive, like you want to bite someones head off!... then join the next session. I now feel connected, held by others, 'normal', that everything is okay, I'm okay, it is as it is, these feelings come and go and it's all welcome!

Georgia held the space for it all to be allowed, to be seen, expressed, processed. I could listen to myself, attend, hold, move, shake out, let go of all the pieces and pick up again what I wanted. I feel more 'human' and more compassion towards myself having expressed what 'is' rather than the expectations I put on myself.

'Moving Connections' created for me a bridge from the outside world, to within (my inner child) and back out again feeling more whole... AND her improvised music is to die for! Thank you for this small intimate group and those who participated and thank you Georgia. xx — feeling blessed." - Janet P.


"I just experienced my first Moving Connections session with Georgia and loved it! She has a beautiful way of integrating her wisdom and 'magic' into something that's playful and transformative.


I left the session feeling freer, lighter and more at home in my body.

She really knows how to hold space, which gives you the permission to drop in and feel comfortable to connect in deeply to yourself through dance, movement, writing, music, and fun exercises." - Duncan C.