& Sound Healing

with Georgia Shine
Cygnet, Tasmania

Treatment options:

a) 40 min massage/20 min cello & voice sound healing (1hr total, $120), or

b) 1hr massage/30 min cello & voice sound healing (90 mins total, $160),

c) 40 min Table Turn (Alexander Technique)/20 min cello & voice sound healing

    (1hr total, $80).

Massage: Intuitive oil massage supported by the Alexander Technique process.

Cello: Healing improvised cello and vocal sound bath for integration.

Before beginning, we will have a chat for 5-10 mins to see what is there to be moved and attended to and if there are any injuries or special requests to avoid/focus on.

It is recommended to allow for at least 20 mins of quiet integration time or stillness, so for the booking, please allow an extra 30 mins in your schedule where you have no other commitments. That makes the treatment options either 1.5 or 2 hours in total.