Writing a Life

6 Dec 2020

Sometimes I sit and let my pen wander across the page. This poem came to me the morning after a poetry night in Coburg, Melbourne. I am new to the city and was so inspired by the have-a-go rawness of the night. I realised how healing and vital it is to write and made a commitment to myself to write for my health. Without further ado, here is what came through...


I need to write

for my imagination

to stretch and roam

and follow

the scent of my dreams.

I need to write

to show myself

what pulsing, streaming art

is vibrating inside my chest,

my limbs, my soul.

I need to write

to bring form to this

beautiful chaos.

To share it.

I need to write

to grow and build

my voice, my words.

To express the

tenderest parts of being

that wiggle and shake

inside of me.

I need to write

to remember.

To make a pilgrimage

to the lives I have lived before,

in my DNA, my blood, my sweat.

I need to write

to see

to feel

to touch myself intimately,


To touch others with

the words of my flesh,

the echo of my mind,

the spirit of my life.

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